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Welcome to the Evans Elementary Home & School Association Website!

Here you will find information for all school activities/fundraisers including a schedule of events calendar. If you would like to get involved in your child's school there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. You can obtain contact information for all executive board and committee chair members as well as get up to date information for school events with dates and times. And if you would like to attend any of our meetings please click here to view the schedule.

An easy way to know what's happening at school or to let us know how and when you can help is through the PTOManager system, users can login here! If you do not have an account on PTOManager please contact Sally Carlin.

Upcoming Events

  06/13 -  Last Day of School!

At a glance...

** H&SA Newsletter - View the May/June issue.

** Student Directory - The Evans Elementary Student Directory is available in electronic form. Only those families that submitted a form and granted permission to be included are listed in the directory. Due to privacy issues, the directory cannot be published publicly on our H&SA website so it is sent via email. The last update was sent to all Evans Families in an email from Skyward titled "Evans H&SA Updates" on 2/28/2014 at 5:31. Kindly search your inbox for it - if you need a directory emailed to you please contact Suzanne Harvie at harviesh@verizon.net

** To view the current monthly Evans Elementary School calendar, click here.